What is Puppet Church?

Listen to Eli explain Puppet Church in his own way.

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What is Puppet Church?

  Puppet Church is a wonderful way
to show the thought of the sermon
in a way you will remember. 
Jesus told his parables of a
farmer as he walked by a field.

We share our story so people
can see the  point of the Bible
in a way it is real for them. 

We will have the whole family
attentive and wanting more.

The kids love the puppets
and the grown-ups enjoy the
clean humor and the real hands
on points from the Word of God.

This is a great time for a
Kid Friendly
Family centered Sunday
or just a New way to bring
your friends to church.

What we do for your Church.

 "Puppet Church Helps"
(runs up to 20 min)

This is added to your
normal worship service.
We bring skits and/or songs
That fit your bible
message of the day

"Puppet Church Shows"
(runs up to  1 hour)

A mix of skits and songs
with one of our Bible Themes.

James and Eli give a
small message to tie
all the skits together
with the Bible.

Our Church Price is. . .

  Love offering
This helps us cover our
- show cost
- outreach work
- mission trips

We feel that any show we can
offer the Word of God
in is an opportunity given
by the Lord and
He will cover the cost in
His way.
We can't sell the
Word Of God.

Gods' Truth is given Freely!

2 Cor 2 : 17 
"Unlike so many,
we do not peddle
the word of God for profit.
On the contrary,
in Christ we speak
before God
with sincerity,
like men sent from God."Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Puppets make the Bible come to life for kids.

Puppets Bring the Word to life in a new Way for everyone

Our singing Quartet

Here is just a few Ideas we have done in the past and are ready to help your Church with today. 

Find out more

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The Story of Moses and how God has a plan for our life even when we don't see it.

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Ranch parables


We have many different parables we have adapted to puppets. A few examples are the Sower of the seeds, wise farmer and the foolish one. 

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And so much more


If you have a theme, topic or bible story you want to bring to life for your congregation let us put together a show to help you.