Our Approach

Herdsmen Puppets is a Bible/Family based group that uses puppets to teach, encourage, and uplift others.

Our Story


James and Shannon started Puppets as kids with their Moms in  Children's Ministry at their local churches. Many years later, after  they are married with 2 girls, James found some puppets in a closet at a  Church they helped as Children workers.  James remembered the days when  an Evangelist would use Puppets for Vacation Bible School and preach to  the parents that night with the idea of the puppet shows.  After this  day Herdsmen Puppets was born.

Over the past 10 years we have been gathering many Puppets and Ideas  to help with many Church's and Vacation Bible schools in many places.   We have had Fun at birthday parties and other events too.

In 2009 James went on his first oversea Mission trip to Dominican  Republic where he enjoyed teaching puppetry and leaving many new puppets  with the churches there.

Other trips we have sent puppets on include Colombia South America and Brazil to go down the Amazon river.

In 2015 we helped  Keep Toledo Lucas County  Beautiful Create a new mascot and puppet show.