We love to help New Puppet Plants   All You need is to add the Hands!

Start Your Puppets today

we are Planting new Puppets


Flowers of Joy

Puppet Training:
{ price may vary do to
time and supplies needed. 
Call us for details }

  We help you plant
new puppet teams. 



Teaching Puppetry And More

We can teach     

  1.   - What Puppets Are
  2.   - The Different Kinds Of Puppets
  3.   - How Puppets Work
  4.   - How To Put On A
    Puppet Show

We Enjoy
 Planting New Puppeteers
 Everywhere We Go.

We can teach individuals
or teams how to be puppeteers. We have hand puppets that kids
can get a hands on experience
with using puppets to learn
the art of singing songs with puppets! 


With New Plants we offer
a ready to go Puppet Skit
with puppets.      
You add the Hands!



Puppet Converts

Eli talks about converting a stuffed turtle into a hand puppet

 Eli talks about converting a stuffed Dragon into a hand puppet