Cowboy Christmas Show

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Puppet Church

Puppet Church is a wonderful way to show the thought or idea of the sermon in a way people will remember. You will have the whole family attentive and wanting more.
The kids love the puppets and the grown-ups enjoy the clean humor and the real hands on points from the Word of God.
This is a great time for a Kid centered Family Fun Sunday or just a New way to bring your friends to Church.

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Puppet Parties

Are You Looking For   Some Puppet Fun  At Your Party ?
We have a variety of  puppets and shows to fit your need. All of our shows are Fun and entertaining, However, they do come with a teachable idea included.

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Puppet 101

We know how hard it is to get started with Puppetry. So we want to help you learn as much as possible. This is our way of growing new “Flowers of Joy” with Puppets. We start here in Toledo and go around the globe with video training, Making ideas, and links to other fine puppet ideas and stores.

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