Jimbo Web sign

JimBo is a true Puppet
for the Lord.
You never know what he has next from a
Puppet, to simple magic or
an object lesson that may
get your funny on.
He is also known for the Biggest Clown
with the smallest Balloon animals.
Standing at 5'20 his balloon twisting looks
real small in his hands.

Jimbo and timbit


  • JimBo has a big red nose
    with an unpainted face.
  • JimBo has many pockets
    with something Fun
    in every one.

    • ¬†Puppets
    • Balloons to Twist
    • Simple Illusions
  • JimBo opens our puppet shows
    in the park or at festivals.


Jimbo 1

JimBo Clown Price
Starts at $100

This includes: 1 hr with
Clown fun with Simple Puppet Creatures,
simple Magic, Funny Props, and
Balloon twisted creations

Jimbo can lead Games
indoors or outdoors for extra $50